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Yeah. Sorry about my outburst, and you are 100% correct.

Kind of did a knee reaction when I saw the OP cite:

“One consultation with GP was 150 USD and I think it took less than 15 mins”.

Just thought I’d share my experience, although perhaps not relevant.

My “I refuse to attend a local Chinese Hospital” lash-out refers to being in a consulting room with 5 (or more) other patients, all yelling, waving X-Rays, blood tests, documents etc. and demanding quality time with the Doc when it’s My Turn.

Been there, out of pure ignorance but never again.

You know you’re in a dodgy hospital when there are cigarettes waiting for purchase in the vending machine along with candy and so on… in the foyer of the hospital.

Also, the Doc doesn’t wear gloves when examining you for an ear infection – and there’s fresh blood on the floor plus a dead cockroach in the corner. That’s the First Affiliated Hospital of Suzhou Medical College = #1 Hospital in Suzhou (shudder).

I also feel a lot happier when I see a swarm of foreigners, mums and babies, patients having a quiet chat about cardiac surgery (in English) in that hospital.

First thing you notice in a western doctors’ office ? Their degree of MBBS on the wall and a bookshelf full of medical journals. Here ? Nada.

I stand chastised.

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