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I have a friend who had seen a couple of doctors in parkway clinic in Nanjing Road. He was totally ripped off, I have to say. As everybody else has said, the consultation fee is outrageouss.

What is worse, they always send you to other hospital for the checkups, such as, MRI, blood check.

They make the fortune out of it. MRI only costs 500 -600 RMB in the hospital.

But they charge 10.000 and more from us.

For regular blood test is only cost maximum 100 RMB in the most expensive local hospital.

But when they charge us, it should be around 3000 to 4000 RMB.

What a bloodying greedy clinic!! How could they get away with this?

If you have to go there, good luck if they can let you know your problem.

Otherwise they have to see you again and again or have you run more tests before they are confident enough to make a diagnosis.

I know there is a high cost to run a clinic, but you don’t have to make a living by ripping off your patients or their insurance company.

Do it right and have more satisfied patients. What a shame!!

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