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Whatever the case .. I was in Parkway in Tomorrow Square .. let me say this, if you want to get robbed in daylight Go there !! It will be the best robbery experience you will find.

I went there to check out something – and it cost me over USD 1000

Now get this, I went to a local doctor a week before goin to Parkway – a colleague arranged this for me – and it cost me RMB 100 ( an experience – but not too bad )

Then I went to Parkway wanting a 2nd opinion and got robbed for over 8k RMB – the killer part is this they didn’t know what is wrong and doc did not even have the courtesy to tell me on the phone and got his nurse to say come back in a month .. YEA RIGHT !!

Here is the Punch line – Local doctor for a fraction of the price and could speak english told me the symptoms will go away in a month or so and normally due to just hypertension etc.. Expat – so called better doctor’s in Parkway- could not even speak to me on the phone and said come back in a month.

Granted it was my choice to go there for 2nd opinion .. I just want to share this .. Not worth it there .. unless u want get robbed in broad daylight with a smile .. Ohh and get this I was charged for “treatment” .. I’m still wondering what that is , seeing I was never given any drugs or a solution or correct diagnosis .. whereas local specialist told me what it was exactly.